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Web apps as simple as spreadsheets.

Amazing Results

Turn a spreadsheet into a web app. Allow your customers to communicate directly with you with minimal fuss!

Simple to use

Link up an exisiting spreadsheet. Customize the layout.

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Sophisticated web apps

Makes it easy for smart, non-programmers, to create powerful web apps.


Solar panel instalation. LED lighting. Removals.
Inserts quotes in to your spreadsheet and also emails a copy to your customer.


Wholesale fruit and veg. Training course bookings. Farm shop.
Checks availability, calculates wholesale prices, processes discount codes.

Made for small business

When a business needs custom software to solve a particular business problem, such as, a special inventory management issue, a recruitment process, expense management or whatever is custom for their company. Normally they would have to go out and hire a custom programming company to use a very high level technology to create a solution. This is very time intensive, complicated and because the programmers don't understand your business, often there is a massive communication gap and projects fail.

Cell Master is a much easier way for business owners and people inside of your business to create custom business software. It is effective because you understand the business, you understand what the software needs to do and how it needs to work.

All you need is just some basic excel skills, knowing how to use excel formulas, and you can have the same potential as the expert programmer. So this means you are going to be able to create the software faster, you will be able to modify and adapt the software, it will be a lot more cost efficient and you will be able to create the solution that you want, not the solution that you think the programmers think you want. You will be able to create an interactive web application that solves your business problem with your own custom software. You will be able to do it with only excel skills, you don't need HTML skills, web server skills or database skills. It gives you the power to create your own custom software solution.




  • 10,000 connections/month
  • Full support
  • New feature requests
  • Spreadsheet formula support
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  • 1,000 connections/month
  • Basic Support
  • New feature requests
  • -
  • 2 month, no commitment, trial



  • 100 connections/month
  • No support
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  • 2 month, no commitment, trial

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